The Jones Prize In Philanthropy

The Dennis M. Jones Family Foundation (Foundation) and the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) are delighted to announce the fourth year of the Jones Prize in Philanthropy.

In 2020 the Jones Prize is a $35,000 grant and two distinguished honoree grants of $15,000 each. The grants will be gifted to charities that have been aided by the efforts of an individual who has demonstrated exceptional work in philanthropy.

The Jones Prize is dedicated to Dennis Jones, a 15-year member of IPI. Dennis believed the call to giving and service was the highest honor. The Dennis M. Jones Family Foundation will fund this award.

The Jones Prize is given in the spirit of:

  • Inspiring personal giving and volunteering: Dennis wanted to lift up philanthropists whose passion is helping others, not only monetarily, but with their time.
  • Neediest cases: The foundation’s trustees encourage all applicants, particularly those involved in Education, Helping Veterans, Aiding the Homeless, and Fighting Poverty.

You can learn more about the award in the video and the nomination form is below. Applications will close July 21, 2020.

How To Nominate


THE DENNIS M. JONES FAMILY FOUNDATION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE INSTITUTE FOR PRIVATE INVESTORS are presenting a $35,000 cash grant to an individual's organization who has demonstrated his or her passion and commitment to a philanthropic cause. Two distinguished honoree cash grants of $15,000 will also be awarded.

THE INSTITUTE FOR PRIVATE INVESTORS is a global community of private investors providing peer-to-peer learning, access to extraordinary investor education and connectivity to best-in-class investors and advisors.

ABOUT THE AWARD: $35,000 and two $15,000 grants will be awarded to the non-profit organization the recipients of the awards work with.

DEADLINE: July 21st, 2020

**Please be advised, your answers will not be saved until you have completed the form in full and hit SUBMIT, which can be found at the foot of the page.


Shortlisted individuals will be contacted for interview
This gives us a chance to learn more about the nominee's passion in greater detail. What is their motivation? Lessons learned thus far? Describe a favorite memory associated with this work. What are their plans for the future? What do you believe has been their greatest contribution?