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Next Generation

Transitioning Leadership to the Next Generation

Today's global private wealth community has evolved into a complex and intricate web of international multi-generational business-owning and financial families, family enterprises and family offices. One of the greatest challenges confronting families is preparing the following generation for the responsibility of being a steward of the family wealth.

With this important objective in mind, Campden and IPI offer a NextGen Membership designed to support next generation family members in connecting with and learning from their peers, both in person and online. Relationships are built from trusted connections formed throughout the membership community, and members benefit from access to educational resources and professional expertise, all within a confidential and discreet environment.

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Who Should Join?

Campden and IPI NextGen members fall between the ages of 20 and 40 and are preparing to assume a leadership role within their family. The group is comprised of individuals in a variety of stages of life, from recent college graduates and working professionals to young parents and family business or family office leaders. Eligibility for membership is determined on a referral basis.

Just over a third of the domestic membership resides in the Northeast; the remaining U.S. members split relatively evenly between the Southeast, South, Midwest and the West Coast. Internationally, NextGen members hail from countries throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.  Approximately a third of the members are in their 20s, and two-thirds are over 30.

Membership Features


Connect directly with a peer group of NextGen members who may be able to help you by sharing their experiences, expertise and networks.


Gain access to educational resources via IPI’s Memberlink® website (including handouts and recordings from IPI events and research/commentary posted by advisor firms) and to real-time news and reporting on  Receive Campden FB, Campden FO and Campden NxG publications, along with the annual IPI Report publication. 

Programs & Events

Attend events specifically organized for NextGen members to promote education & networking in a safe harbor environment.

NextGen events in 2011 included a trip to an organic rooftop farm, a global youth summit on philanthropy and social entrepreneurship at the United Nations, a webinar for NextGen members working in the family office and a private concert and conversation with Peter Buffett.

In 2012, a variety of programs and events are planned, including an annual NextGen Retreat featuring panel discussions and speaker-led sessions on topics such as entrepreneurship, next generation leadership, social impact and angel investing.

In addition to regular gatherings held in a variety of cities, online webinars and member roundtables allow NextGen members to connect virtually to learn from experts, compare notes, share best practices and ask each other questions.


Join the private online social network on IPI’s Memberlink® website reserved exclusively for NextGen members. Ask questions, participate in discussions, compare notes, post updates, and share information with your peers.