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Programs & Events

Education-Pioneering Wealth Management Curricula & Diverse Learning Environments

Everyone has their own style of learning. Accordingly, members can select from a variety of different kinds of programs and events held throughout the year in major cities around the world. 

With content driven by member interests and concerns, topics encompass all facets of the challenges facing business owning and financial families, including succession planning, due diligence matrices, investment research and strategies, asset allocation, advisor relationships, benchmarking performance, next generation issues, family legacy, governance systems and philanthropy.

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Academic Wealth Management Programs

The volatile state of the global economy requires an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of investments, asset allocation strategies and individual markets. Campden and IPI offers two five-day wealth management programs in collaboration with The Wharton School.  

Private Meetings and Conferences

Twelve two-day conferences are held throughout the world covering three areas: Families in Business, Family Offices and Family Wealth. These intimate, closed-door events feature family members and family office executives sharing their experiences and expertise through case study presentations, interactive workshops and panel discussions.


Four two-day forums are held each year in New York and San Francisco. Distinguished keynote speakers and intimate breakout sessions address a wide range of wealth management issues. Private investors interact with their peers and wrestle with complex issues together, creating a distinct feeling of community.

Due Diligence in Action

“The Grill®” provides a window into how sophisticated private investors question a money manager/advisor. This format teaches investors to ask the right probing questions to evaluate financial services providers.


Held frequently in major hubs including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow, Mumbai and Abu Dhabi, these sessions provide an informal and intimate topic-specific educational experience where families and private investors share knowledge, family histories and learning experiences with each other.