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Private Investors

A Private Membership Group You Can Trust

Individuals and families with substantial assets count on IPI's programs to ensure a safe harbor for a confidential exchange of information. IPI private investor members represent a wide spectrum of investment views and levels of investment knowledge, yet all share a commitment to improving their understanding of the complexities of the financial landscape and helping each other become more sophisticated stewards of their wealth. 

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Membership Features

IPI members build their investment and wealth management acumen in a private, safe harbor community of like-minded peers, sharing experiences and learning from each other in person at forums, roundtables and private meetings, as well as online in Memberlink®.

IPI recognizes that different families and private investors have different needs. You may choose from a number of different membership offerings including Family or Individual Membership, and opt for Regional or Global reach.

Family Membership

Any two individuals from the family or family office may attend any designated events. Two family members of the next generation may attend any Next Generation programs.

Individual Membership

The named principal may attend any designated events.

Regional Membership

Created for families or individuals who are primarily interested in attending events in the U.S.

  • Choose from six two-day events in the U.S., including four IPI forums and two Campden conferences
  • Participate in private investor discussions on Memberlink®, IPI’s online community
  • Receive all IPI member surveys and in-depth North American research reports
  • Obtain annual subscriptions to Campden FB and Campden FO magazines
  • Attend targeted roundtable discussions in North America on a first-come first-served basis
  • Read real-time news service on family office and family wealth issues
  • Meet next generation peers at tailored events and on a private dedicated online community
  • Access to the latest wealth management intelligence on IPI and Campden websites
  • Retrieve from Memberlink®’s searchable archive of handouts, recordings, surveys, or white papers

Global Membership

Created for families or individuals who are interested in attending events around the world.

  • All of the Regional Membership features, plus:
  • Choose from any of the 16 two-day events globally, including 4 IPI forums and 12 Campden conferences
  • Receive all IPI member surveys and in-depth Campden research reports on Asian, European, North American, Middle Eastern and Latin American communities
  • Attend targeted roundtable discussions held around the world on a first-come first-served basis, with a minimum of two guaranteed roundtables
Membership Criteria

IPI is a private, invitation-only organization whose investor membership roster of 1,100 includes private investors and their families.

Members are often prominent individuals whose life experiences and personal profiles indicate likely contributions to the overall membership’s breadth and depth.

Traditionally, IPI members have been men and women with substantial financial assets who:

  • Have created wealth by sale of a business
  • Have wide-ranging intellectual interests directed toward life-long learning
  • Appreciate and honor IPI’s non-commercial and confidential norms
  • Participate actively, once an IPI member, both online and at IPI programs

Most prospective members are nominated by current IPI members who already know first-hand what individual characteristics and qualities contribute to the strong IPI community.

Other prospective members who do not know a current member and who wish to apply for membership are asked to submit the following to IPI:

  • A website link referencing a recent bio or background
  • Brief responses to these questions:
    • How did you learn about IPI, and what about IPI particularly interests you?
    • About what topics would you be most competent and willing to contribute to the community discussions?
  • One personal reference
  • Confirmation that you have read and agree to comply with IPI’s Code of Conduct and Code of Confidentiality
Membership Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IPI’s definition of a private investor?

While our definition of a private investor is a family or individual whose investable assets exceed US$30 million or more, over one-third oversee US$200 million or more, and four out of five families manage $50 million or more. Today there are 1,100+ individual members from 345 different families, 17 countries, and 40 states.

2. How does IPI maintain confidentiality of private investor members?

Contact data is kept private and is not released to anyone without the expressed permission of the member. No membership lists are published.

3. Are there membership requirements?

Yes. All potential members are qualified by IPI or recommended by a current member. All members sign a Code of Conduct and agree to certain established norms of the membership community. These are the two ways we protect the integrity of the membership. See Membership Criteria section above.

4. What does IPI mean by the terms principal, proxy and family office executive?

A principal is used to denote any member of a family and possibly the decision-maker, but not necessarily. A principal could be any generation of that family, including the originator of the wealth. One of five IPI principals also oversee the family’s office.

A family office executive is defined as an executive hired by the family to work within the family office overseeing investments, often including hiring and monitoring of outside advisors.

A proxy is an individual designated by a family to represent the family within IPI’s membership. Not necessarily employed by the family in any specific capacity, these individuals are typically family trustees.  Today there are twelve proxy members of IPI, with both the proxy and the family personally known to IPI for many years.

Within the membership today, principals comprise 70%, family office executives 29% and proxies 1%. Two out of three of the members maintain some type of family office.

5. What is an ivory snow member of IPI?

In order to maintain a “safe harbor” for private investors, we ask all members to disclose on their membership application whether or not they “wear two hats.” An ivory snow member is defined as a private investor who has no intention or motivation to sell a product or service to other members. Today, 90% of the membership is ivory snow, and this ratio is carefully maintained.           

Both the online community and certain sessions at IPI forums are open only to those who, in IPI’s judgment, maintain the norms of a safe harbor inside IPI.

6. What is a dual member of IPI?

If a private investor has a professional affiliation (for example works within a commercial family office actively trying to engage new clients, or manages a hedge fund or a consulting practice for private investors), IPI carefully evaluates the intention, motivation and behavior of the member and makes a judgment as to whether this member is more appropriately a dual member.  If a dual member, the firm is included in the Advisor DataBank® and the member is permitted to attend IPI Forums but is not on the listserv.  

7. What is Memberlink®?

Memberlink® is IPI’s online community where members connect with one another, research relevant topics and stay abreast of upcoming IPI events by navigating the various sections of the site. More information

8. What are Investor Conversations?

Investor Conversations are a private, password-protected community for private investor members on Memberlink®.  Nine out of ten families have at least one member of the family participating. Topics cover a wide range and provide a chance to question and learn from fellow members’ experiences. There is a new question posted almost every day and on average, each question receives two replies. More information

9. What events are available to IPI members?

Over twenty events are held each year around the world, each addressing specific interests of investing families, family businesses and/or family offices. A detailed twelve month event calendar is posted on Memberlink® and updated to note speakers and themes well in advance of each event. The two-day Forums twice a year in New York and San Francisco typically appeal to the principal/the family and address sophisticated investment challenges as identified by IPI members or current market conditions. A combination of keynotes and 30 breakout sessions and Member Roundtables foster an exceptionally strong sense of community at each event. More than two-thirds of those attending are principals or family members with the remainder family office executives or proxies. View Event Calendar

10. What other resources are part of IPI membership?

IPI members may access two popular Campden Wealth publications, Campden FB [Family Business] and Campden FO [Family Office], which are published quarterly along with more frequent online bulletins. IPI members may also receive in-depth research reports on family office trends, wealth preservation strategies and socially responsible investing. These research reports often focus on a region, i.e. Europe or North America, while others are more global in perspective. More information

What Members Say

Your organization truly understands and respects wealth and the myriad of issues that it entails and it takes that understanding to provide REAL value to all the members through education, the listserv, the forums, and personal relationships.
– IPI member since 1993

Where would so many of us be without your vision of a "safe harbor"? And where indeed would many Advisors be without the incredible amount of intellectual capital that you have delivered to them in the waters of the safe harbor? I can point to all of the key investment decisions (at least the good ones) that I have made over the past 14 years and virtually every one of them can be somehow tied to what I have gained from IPI. Thank you!
– IPI member since 1992

Discretion and anonymity are two of the key reasons that I enjoy my membership to IPI.
– IPI member since 2007

[IPI] provide[s] a well-balanced mix of technical, practical, and family dynamic information. I am discovering IPI to be a safe venue in which to discuss the issues and benefits surrounding wealth. I realize that the greatest benefits come from a group of people who are willing to share their experiences.
– IPI member since 2006

You can probably tell by the high email traffic how much all of us depend on IPI as we thrash around in this chaotic situation. I can never thank [IPI] enough for creating an atmosphere where I can get unbiased advice from people facing exactly my same situation. [IPI has] had an immense beneficial influence over more families than [IPI] can possibly know.
– IPI member since 2004

I will never be one to spend my life studying the nuances of finance, but the IPI meetings have given me the knowledge and education to know the questions to ask and to locate the resources that are available.
– IPI member since 1999

I would not be able to do what was entrusted to me by my dad without the education, interaction and fun provided by IPI.
– IPI member since 2002

In addition to gratitude, one of other strongest contributors leading to happiness is a sense of belonging to a community. I have to say that [IPI has] created an extraordinary community within IPI and I benefit from it by a large multiple of what I bring to it. Thanks for all you do.
– IPI member since 2008