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Innovative Educational and Networking Resources

Advisor Membership is open to professionals and firms advising private clients, including investment firms, consultants, Multi Family Offices, financial planners, family facilitators, risk managers, technology providers, and law firms. These firms provide a variety of services to families with substantial assets, and the mission of IPI is to change the way investors work with advisors and advisors work with investors, for the benefit of both. Advisor members join a dynamic and ever-evolving community of private investors and advisors who rely on each other for information and education.

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Membership Features

Private Investor Intelligence

  • Access all resources on Memberlink® for up to eight individuals
  • Post up to two Advisor Updates (white papers) monthly for the private investor and advisor community
  • Receive Heard From Investors, a monthly bulletin on topics and questions being discussed by private investors
  • Reply to general private investor questions through the online Ask an Advisor tool
  • Respond to specific private investor queries on products or services through the Request For Information tool

Networking Activities

  • Opportunity to host and participate in monthly Advisor Roundtables

Strategic Marketing Information

  • Access IPI Research and Surveys
  • Receive The IPI Report publication, an annual compilation of the best insights and thinking presented at IPI over the past twelve months
  • Attend virtual briefings and download recordings and handouts from IPI private investor and advisor events
  • List your firm in IPI's Advisor DataBank® for 12 months
  • List your firm in the Advisor Directory on for 12 months
  • Receive online banner promotion on for 12 months
  • Place your firm's logo on a tombstone ad in Campden FB magazine (Autumn edition) 
Membership Profile

Advisor members of the Institute for Private Investors include:

*Note: Multiple responses were allowed

Services provided by Advisor members include:

*Note: Multiple responses were allowed

Other services provided include:

  • Family Office Services
  • Family Facilitator
  • Family Business Advisor
  • Brokerage
  • M+A Advisors
  • Hedging/Structured Products
  • Due Diligence on Offering Memorandum
  • After-Tax Asset Allocation
  • Legal Advisory
  • Trust and Estate Administration
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Accounting Services
  • Tax Preparation
  • Global/Master Custody
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Technology Services
  • Risk/Liability Analysis
  • Executive Search
  • Philanthropy Consulting


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Memberlink®?

Memberlink® is IPI’s online community where members connect with one another, research relevant topics and stay abreast of upcoming IPI events by navigating the various sections of the site. More information

If my firm is a member of IPI, how can I get access to Memberlink®?

The primary contact for your IPI membership determines whom else within your firm may have access to Memberlink®. This primary contact can request a login for additional colleagues by communicating the names and email addresses of those individuals to IPI.

What types of events am I and my colleagues able to attend?

As part of your Advisor membership, one representative from your firm is invited to attend monthly Advisor Roundtables held in select cities throughout the United States.  These meetings feature presentations on topics of interest to the advisor community, but are also open to IPI private investors as well. Session recordings and handouts are uploaded to Memberlink® and are available for download after each meeting. View the upcoming calendar of events    

What is an Advisor Update?

As an Advisor member of IPI, you have the opportunity to communicate with IPI's private investor and advisor community by posting Advisor Updates. In an Advisor Update, you can distribute market commentary and research that you would like to share with IPI members. What you post as an Advisor Update is up to you (with your legal counsel's guidance!), as long as it is not overly promotional. The information you share about your firm reaches more investors and peers than ever before, and members are encouraged to differentiate their firm's strategy and expertise as well as they can. Advisor members may post up to two Advisor Updates per month.

What is the Advisor DataBank®?

The Advisor DataBank® is a searchable database that allows private investor members to seek information about the various professional firms that are members of IPI. Each firm's Advisor DataBank® listing provides basic information about the firm (such as the services and investment products offered to private clients, firm history, assets under management, etc.) contact information and a link to an archive of Advisor Updates posted by that firm.    

What is Heard From Investors?

Heard From Investors is a monthly email bulletin sent to all Advisor members that summarizes the topics currently being discussed online by IPI's private investor community. Not only does this benefit help you to stay abreast of the issues of importance to private investors, but it also allows your firm to strategically craft and distribute Advisor Updates when the investor community is most attuned to a particular issue. 

What is Ask an Advisor?

Periodically, IPI will select several topics being heavily discussed online by private investors and give your firm the opportunity to craft a direct response to a question that will be posted on Memberlink®.

What is Request For Information?

Request For Information (RFI) is an online tool to aid private investor members of IPI who are searching for a new advisor, manager, or consultant in their initial due diligence.  Based on criteria pulled from your firm's Advisor DataBank® listing, a private investor may anonymously submit an RFI to your firm that includes questions they would like to ask as a prospective client.  Firms who receive the RFI are then invited to submit their answers online, which will then be passed along to the inquiring private investor.